Not sure where to start navigating this site? Whether you are a high school student thinking teaching might be right for you, a college student considering a teaching certification, a career switcher on the move to a more rewarding life’s work, or an already practicing teacher, I am here to help you on your journey.

The categories below will help you find the resources you need to find your path to a successful career as an educator. This site will take you from considering a career in education, through resumes and interviews, your first day and your first year.

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Thinking about becoming a teacher

8 Reasons to become a teacher

Should I teach?

Why should I teach?

Unexpected perks of teaching

Will you mind the scrutiny that comes with teaching?

Can you live on a teacher’s salary?

Nursing vs. teaching

Can an introvert become a teacher?

Call for male educators and teachers of color

Finding your direction to becoming a teacher

What degrees do I need?

5 top colleges for education majors

Selecting a college

What to expect in grad school

5 Gift ideas for Ed. School Graduates

Basic student teaching goals

Advice from students

Guest Post: Jaime Bonato, Ph.D. – Why I went for my Ph.D. and what I learned: A classroom teacher’s story

Getting hired

Resumes & Cover Letters

Cover Letter Template

Resume check list

6 tips to get you on your way to a killer resume


How to get an interview

8 things you should know before going in for your interview

5 Steps to prepare for an interview

7 Tips to rock an interview

25 Buzz words you need to know

How to decide between teaching in the city or the suburbs

Your image

STEP 1 towards making yourself a better candidate for a teaching job: SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT



STEP 3: Google yourself the smart way

Things to consider before day 1

10 month vs 12 month pay checks

To do list for the summer before your first year teaching

Recommended reading for future/new teachers

7 Morning routine MUSTS for new teachers

You’ve signed a teaching contract. Now what?

How to create an Amazon wish list

The first year

Before school starts

Pre-service week checklist

13 Must do Tasks during Pre-service Week

First day of school check list

Setting up classroom expectations/”rules”

5 Must-Haves for New Teachers

5 Rookie Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make

Planning for the first day of school

Creating consistency in classroom procedures

The key to success in teaching

Classroom supply splurges

Last minute classroom decor ideas

The first days of school

5 Things to remember on your first day of your first year teaching

Planning beyond the first day

Self Care

5 ways to handle first year teacher stress

Survival Mode

5 Snacks teachers love

It’s ok to get teacheritis

5 Tips to help you keep your passion for teaching

Parent contact

A script for how to call a parent

Handling absentee parents

Keeping track of parent contact

Preparing for open house

Sample first letter home to parents

Schedule and time

Last minute activities to fill those awkward moments

How the school’s schedule will influence your planning

Year Round School

Shopping & Gifting

Amazon Wish List ideas

Teacher Christmas Present ideas with Amazon links

Teacher gift ideas

What teachers want for a gift

I recommend reading Brené Brown

Classroom supply splurges

5 Snacks teachers love

5 Must-Haves for New Teachers

Recommended reading for future/new teachers

5 Gift ideas for Ed. School Graduates

Classroom decor ideas

Fashion staples for MALE teachers

FEMALE Teacher fashion staples

Mindfulness in the classroom

Mindfulness in schools (an opinion)

Students AND teachers need mindful moments

How to bring mindful moments into your classroom part 1: meditation

How to bring mindful moments into your classroom part 2: reading

How to bring mindful moments into your classroom part 3: writing

Mindful moments in your classroom part 4: drawing/coloring

Mindful moments in your classroom part 5: yoga


I recommend reading Brené Brown

Inspirational Quotes

Anecdotes from veteran teachers

5 Things to improve the teaching profession right now

6 actionable steps to improve the teaching profession

Why is unstructured play so important?


Chat with Dr. Sam Fecich

Teach Better Team Podcast


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