We’ve all heard of senioritis; the end of year “disease” that invades high school and college senior’s minds at the end of the year preventing them from being able to focus on their school work because the golden summer is so close at hand. Many of whom already have college acceptances or jobs lined up, making the motivation to do schoolwork even less appealing on warm spring days.

What many students don’t know is that teachers suffer from their own “itis” of sorts. Teacheritis is even defined in The Urban Dictionary:

I have to disagree with Urban Dictionary to some extent because it is not only teachers of seniors who suffer from teacheritis. I would argue it is an ailment teachers from kindergarten through college battle.

Our bodies are not immune to that warm spring breeze. Students may feel burnt out from the tests and papers they’ve completed over the academic year, but lest they forget that teachers must score, read, and give feedback not just on their assignment, but between 20 and 150 others depending on the grade level.

Our eyes need a break from the computer screen just as much as student’s do, but we hold strong. We put on a brave face and not only do we fight our own teacheritis, but we do our best to combat the senioritis our students are suffering from by working even harder to make our lessons engaging and relevant to the real world.

Students, you have to be present until the last day of school and so do your teachers. In fact, they will be in the building long after that final bell rings scoring your exams and cleaning their classrooms. They will be back over the summer for professional development and training. So you might as well work together.

We are all feeling the “itis” kicking in, but together, we can make the last couple months of school time to remember rather than something we’d rather forget.

Check out these quotes for a little inspiration on a tough day and don’t forget the emotional benefits of teaching. Future and first year teachers, don’t fret. Teacheritis is totally normal. You will find that drive and motivation again and don’t ever lose sight of why teaching is awesome.

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Are you suffering from senioritis OR teacheritis? Leave a comment and tell me what your “symptoms” are!

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