5 Things to remember on your first day of your first year teaching

first day first year

5. It’s ok to be nervous

I still get nervous before the first day of school, or even on days when I’m teaching an experimental lesson and I’m not sure how it will go. It’s totally ok to be nervous especially on your first day of your first year teaching. In fact, it’s great if you’re nervous because that means you care. If you didn’t care enough to be nervous then maybe you shouldn’t be teaching.

4. You only have to do the first day of your first year once

Even though I still get nervous, it’s nice to know I’ve done it before and I have confidence in my ability. As a first year teacher, you might not have that confidence yet. The first day of the first year is tough and there is no getting around that, but it’s also exciting and invigorating. Regardless, you only have to do it once. From here on out, September will mark your first day your 2nd, 3rd, 4th. etc. years.

3. Students will feed off your energy

Try to channel that nervous energy into positivity. The students will feed off your energy. If you’re low energy and not engaged they’ll be the same. If you’re excited about what you are doing and pumped to start the new year, they will be too!

2. Pack lunch and get to school early

Traffic will likely be worse than usual on day one. More parents will be dropping off kids the first day than any other day. Set your alarm ten to fifteen minutes earlier than you think you need to. That way you can get yourself ready and get on your way early. Plan to get to school ten minutes earlier than you think you need to. You’ll want to check your box and your email before students start heading towards your classroom. Make sure to hit the bathroom before the first bell rings too! Then be at your door ready to greet students as they enter.

1. You can do it!

Day one is hard no matter how many times you do it, but YOU CAN DO IT! Take a deep breath, put on your adulting pants, and go teach!

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