Teacher Christmas Present ideas with Amazon links

Teacher Christmas Present ideas with Amazon links

It’s that time of year again. You’ve got to buy a Christmas present for your kids’ teacher(s), but what do they really want?

They don’t want home made-cookies in a zip-lock bag from every student. Just sayin. Not that home made Christmas treats aren’t awesome, but when teachers are inundated with them all at once around the holidays, they can’t possibly eat them all before a good majority of them go stale.

Here are some practical ideas for teacher Christmas presents.

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Hydro Flask Coffee Mug

Don’t waste your money on a cheesy world’s best teacher mug. Give your child’s teacher a mug that is actually practical in the classroom. The Hydro Flask mug will keep coffee and tea hot, but the most important part is the leak proof lid. I don’t know how many times I spilled my tea on myself getting in/out of my car, trying to balance my mug, my bags, and my keys (both car and school) before I got a mug with a proper lid! If you want to go the extra mile, fill the mug with dark chocolate bites.

Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle

If your child’s teacher is not a hot beverage drinker (ask your kid, they’ll know), then a fruit infuser water bottle is the way to go. The Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle has a four and a half star Amazon rating with over 2,400 reviews. There’s an extra 5% off coupon on Amazon right now too making it only $24.44. This is a perfect gift for a health conscious teacher.

Sprout Plantable Graphite Pencils

How cool is this! Perfect for your eco-minded teacher. The Spout pencil is actually a usable pencil, but then when it is too short to write with anymore you plant it and it grows into whatever plant variety is indicated on the pencil. The teacher could even plant them in the classroom!

sprout pencil

Constellation Foldable Totes

How cute are these totes? You get five of them for $14.99 and they have over 1,200 five star reviews on Amazon! Not to mention they are machine washable and reusable. I know tons of teachers who use bags like this to tote classroom supplies. They come in lots of cool patterns, but I found the constellation one particularly “teachery.” Fill them up with homemade goodies, or go-to snacks like a bag of pretzels, some chocolates, and seltzer water and you’ve got gifts for all your kids’ teachers for less than $10 each.

Reusable Ziplock Lunch Bags

If you want to send homemade treats, why not send them in reusable BPA free “ziplocks” that the teacher can use again and again at home and at school? They are made with durable silicone which is reusable hundreds of times and easy to clean. You can pick up at 10 pack for $13.99.

Bee themed gifts

Most teachers are aware of the detrimental cost of the declining bee population, especially science teachers. How about getting a gift for them that gives back to the bees. Fill a gift bag with some Bee The Change Pollinator Wildflower Mix Seed Packets, honey straws, and Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps.

Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Like millions of Americans, your child’s teacher is likely traveling over the holidays. This Memory Foam Travel Pillow contours to almost any shape and position. I’ve never seen anything like it. This is a gift that your child’s teacher will use for years to come.

Cute or funny Hand Towels

Does your child’s teacher have a sense of humor? Cute or funny hand towels can be practical and hilarious. They are also perfect for lining a little basket with home made treats. Pick up cute little baskets at the dollar store, then bake some of your favorite treats, buy a couple cute towels and you’ve got three teachers covered with really cute, personalized presents for $40 or less.

I encourage you to gift with a practical and environmentally friendly mindset. Your children’s teachers will appreciate you so much for it.

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