Amazon Wish List ideas

ideas for your Amazon wishlist

Hopefully you read my last post and you got an Amazon wish list set up and ready to fill. This post will give you some inspiration.

Ideas to fill your Amazon wish list

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A colorful organizer cart

I see these carts all over the place now. Lots of teachers who teach in more than one room use them to cart supplies from one place to another. Even teachers in a permanent space benefit from the maneuverability of this type of storage.

Wireless Presenter Remote

I use my wireless remote every single day! I am lost with out it because I like to circulate around the room as I teach.

Echo Dot

An Echo Dot or Alexa can be super useful in the classroom. Ask it to answer questions for you, to play music for a brain break, or to set a timer.

Classroom Caddy

Storage is an ongoing problem in classrooms. I like these caddies because they are stackable and have a number of compartments that you can fill with items different groups need during a lesson or activity.

Stackable Organizer

For a mack-daddy storage solution check out this stackable plastic organizer.

A sturdy Timer

If our students aren’t supposed to be using our phones in class, we should set a good example and not use ours, even to set a timer.

Thank You Notes

I’m always thankful to have thank you notes on hand!

Command hooks

Schools tend to frown on teachers putting holes in walls and duct tape gets a similar thumbs down from the higher ups, so command hooks are the way to go!

Magnetic Storage Pockets

Any classroom with a blackboard or white board (or any magnetic surface) could benefit from these magnetic storage pouches. I can see storing bus passes, chalk, or dry erase markers in them in high school classrooms.

Inflatable Globe Blow up

I can think of so many uses for this inflatable globe blow up from a “talking stick” to a geography lesson.

Reusable Dry Erase Pockets

I can see using dry erase pockets in every class from English to music. The best part is that they can be used over and over again!

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