5 Steps to prepare for an interview

Hallelujah!  You’ve been called in for an interview. Now what do you do? What do you say? What do you ask? Here is some advice:

1. Research

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You’re going to be doling it out, so now is the time to do your homework. Research the school before you go in for the interview. You can do all of this online quite easily through Google.

  • Let’s say you want to teach high school English. Know how the school divides grade levels (For example, English 9: Survey of Lit, English 10: World Lit, English 11: American Lit, English 12: British Lit). You’ll be amazed at how much information you can find online.
  • Be able to say what grade level or specific content you are most interested in teaching, but also that you are very flexible and excited to teach any level and any specialty within your content.
  • Know the name of the principal
  • Know the student population (Is this a college prep school or a school that serves a low income community?).
  • Know what kind of schedule the school functions on (7 period, block, etc).

2. Dress professionally.

Teachers aren’t known for their business professional attire, but now is the time to break out that blazer. When interviewing after my most recent move, I looked up the school colors and dressed accordingly for my interview. The assistant principal running the interview noticed and gave me kudos for my choices.

3. Buzz words

Know the current buzz words in your specialty (and use them properly!). Think: project based learning, student centered, iterate, 21st century skills, etc.

4. Philosophy of teaching

Be ready to explain your philosophy of teaching. You need a teaching philosophy? Um, yes. Here’s mine. I wrote it in 2006 and it still rings just as true. Use it as a model. Please don’t copy and paste.

5. Classroom management philosophy

Be ready to explain your classroom management philosophy. You need a discipline philosophy? Yep, you need that too. Here’s mine. Again, use it as a sample. Don’t cut and paste.

A Teacher's Guide

I am a National Board Certified educator currently teaching in Virginia. I have taught the following: English 9, 10, 11, and 12 (on academic, collaborative, and honors levels); Dual Enrollment English; Mass Communications, Yearbook, Newspaper, and Communications Technology. I have experience in five different school systems, four in Virginia and one in Maryland. I served as my school’s 2019 Teacher of the Year and was a top five finalist for the Teacher of the Year for Virginia Beach City Public Schools. I am passionate about recruiting and retaining quality educators in our public schools. Let me help you find your path to changing lives through teaching!

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