Help me make the class of 2020 smile

This year’s senior classes will not get to walk across a stage, shake a principal’s hand, or get applauded by their parents, peers, and teachers.

The momentous graduation ceremony will be either non-existent or severely altered for nearly all 2020 graduates.

So what are we to do to make this occasion memorable for our high school and college seniors? I’ve heard of schools printing student’s pictures on posters and lining the drive to the school with them. I’ve heard of schools providing yard signs with congratulatory messages, but what about real messages –words–from real people?

That’s when I hatched an idea.

I made a space for teachers, parents, community members, future employers, etc to share a few words of wisdom, advice, commemoration, congratulations with the class of 2020 on Flipgrid.

It takes five minutes of your time. Copy and paste the link below into your browser, create a free account if you don’t already have one, and record yourself. Bonus points if you wear a cap and gown!

I do apologize that it is not a clickable link, but I don’t want bots or trolls picking up on it. If you’re so inclined, share the link with someone else you know who you think would like to help make the class of 2020 smile.

Videos will be moderated before being released on the site and once we have enough I will put it out on social media for the class of 2020 to enjoy!

Thanks for your help!

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