Teaching Pre-Service Week Free Printable Check List

Print out the pre-service week check list (free download below) and tape it to your desk so you can check off each task as you go.

For in depth explanations of each step see this post.

  • Find a place for your desk
  • Decide on a seating arrangement and get your desks/tables set up
  • Set up your bulletin boards
  • Post the state standards for your grade level/content area somewhere in your room
  • Cover those bare walls
  • Find a home for all your stuff
  • Turn on your computer and make sure it works and that you can get on the wifi
  • Create a syllabus
  • Make seating charts
  • Prepare for “Back to School Night”
  • If you’re working with a collab teacher, contact them even if they are not back in school yet
  • Start collaborating with the other teachers in your content and planning for the first day

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