Globle in the classroom

As I noted in a previous post, Wordle can be used as a tool in the classroom. You can even create your own Wordles or have students create them. But you don’t need to stop at Wordle. We can also use Globle in the classroom!

Just as with Wordle, I am not affiliated with, nor am I receiving any form of payment for promoting Globle. I’m promoting it because I think it’s awesome.

Globle is similar to Worlde in that users take educated guesses towards an answer.

The difference is that rather than looking for the correct word, as in Wordle, Globle players are looking for the correct country.

Globle is an awesome way to learn geography

Let’s be honest, Americans in particular tend to be weak in our geography knowledge. This educational game would make an awesome warm up for a history or sociology class and could be fun as a filler if you have extra time at the end of any class.

Here’s how you play Globle in the classroom:

1. Go to the Globle website.

You could project the site on your SmartBoard to do the activity as a class or have students/groups pull up the webpage on their device. It works on nearly any device (phones, Chromebooks, laptops, iPads, etc).

Instructions are the first page you will see. (screenshot)

2. Click on the globe

You will see a large globe and a white box that says “enter country name here.”

3. Choose a country, any country

Type the name of a country in the box.

In this example, I know that the country I’m trying to find is not near the United States because it is colored in beige. (screenshot)

It is helpful to have a map or globe handy.

4. Keep guessing until you get the country of the day

The closer you get to the correct country, the darker red the countries will be shaded.

In this example, I know that the country I’m looking for is very close to Russia. (screenshot)

The bottom of the screen will show the countries closest to the country you’re looking for.

When you find the country it will light up green and the top of the screen will say “The Mystery Country is….”. (screenshot)

5. Check out your Globle stats

After you figure out the country of the day, Globle will display your stats. You could have different groups in your class compete or have different blocks (whole classes) compete against each other to see who can get the country in the fewest guesses over a period of time.

Use statistics for class competitions! (screenshot)

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