Time to refresh your resume

Time to spruce up your resume

The first of the year hasn’t even hit yet, but now is the time for future teachers, career switchers, and teachers hoping to move schools/districts to revisit their resumes.

If it has been a long time since you’ve worked on your resume, or you’re writing a professional resume for the first time, check out my Resume check list post which will walk you through getting started.

If it’s been a year or less since you worked on your resume, take time to add any new practicums, awards, publications, etc.

I always forget to add training I’ve participated in like AVID, CRISS, PBIS, Ruby Payne, etc. Now is the time to think about what you have done in the past year that is relevant to the job you hope to obtain and get it on your resume.

It is also the time to remove outdated information.

If you graduated from college ten years ago, you can probably remove clubs and organizations you were involved in at that time unless they are extraordinarily relevant.

Don’t forget you want your resume to be either one or two full pages, nothing in between.

Check out these 6 tips to get you on your way to a killer resume.

I recently started maintaining a Google Doc that lists all my activities and accomplishments that might be relevant on an award application or resume. I update it throughout the year. It is about four pages long, but when I apply to a conference, am recommended for an award, apply for a grant, or need to update my resume, I can easily access all the information I need. Otherwise I quickly forget all kinds of information that would be relevant in these cases.

Once you’ve updated your resume it is time to think about a cover letter. If you know you will be applying to particular jobs in the coming months, it is not too early to start drafting cover letters.

Check out this Cover Letter Template to get you started.

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