Q&A with The Relentless Principal, Hamish Brewer

Hamish Brewer, The Relentless Principal

Nationally Distinguished Prince William County Principal, Hamish Brewer, is known for being a maverick. Brewer refuses to do what has always been done, instead breaking new ground based on what he believes is best for his students.

Hamish Brewer, The Relentless Principal TEDx talk
Watch Brewer’s TEDx Talk

Brewer is considered an inspiration and an innovator and we are so honored that he took the time to let us know what he believes are the most important qualities in a teacher candidate.


Q: What are three traits you look for when hiring a teacher?

A: “Someone who will fight for kids, someone all in for their peers, willing to do the hard work when no ones watching! Someone who sees teaching as a opportunity not obligation.”

Q: In your TEDx talk you mention that you encourage your teachers to “teach on fire” and authentically. What would you say to someone hesitant to become a teacher because they fear that they won’t get to teach that way?

A: Live your life with passion and purpose, not in fear of what others may say or think!

Q: What would you say to top high school and college students to motivate them to enter the field of education?

A: You have an opportunity in teaching to change the outcome of a child and community- there is no greater opportunity!

Want to get relentless?

Brewer’s first book, Relentless, is expected to be on shelves by the end of May, 2019. He is quite active on Twitter @brewerhm and frequently speaks at conferences and schools. Check out his website for more info.

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